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WhatsApp Image 2016-08-31 at 15.19.56Co-President of Think Liberal, Campus Manager Reims 

Gautier Parthon de Von is Franco-Belgian and enrolled in the Dual BA Program between University  of British Columbia and Sciences Po, intending to major in Political Science Honors with International  Relations. He shows a strong  interest in the blockchain, big data and the internet of things (IoT). At  Think  Liberal, he founded the Reims Chapter of the think tank in 2015 and works hard in a committed  team to expand the association’s reach.

President, Reims Chapter 
Alfonso Sánchez-Eguíbar was born and raised in Madrid, Spain where he attended the American  School of Madrid for fifteen years. He is a Spanish-American dual-national and stands out for his passion  for transatlantic politics, his deep interest in public international law, and for his leading role in the  foundation of the Madrid Model United Nations annual conference in 2011. Alfonso is currently a second  year student at SciencesPo Paris, campus de Reims and plans to pursue an M.A. in Public Affairs from  SciencesPo Paris upon graduation from undergraduate school and an L.L.M. in the near future. Alfonso is  trilingual and enjoys playing the drums and golfing.
Grand Sage
Thomas A. Harbor is enrolled in the Dual BA Program Between Sorbonne (Paris IV) and Sciences Po,  currently in his third year abroad at the London School of Economics. He is also Local Coordinator for  European Students for Liberty and did an internship at the Institute for Economics Affairs.



Corentin Poret is enrolled in the Dual Master’s degree Program between HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris. During his Bachelor’s degree, he studied economics at Sciences Po and computer science at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). He is passionate about startups and new technologies. He has worked in business development and business intelligence in startups and large tech companies. In a data-driven world, he believes computational thinking is a crucial skill for everyone, not just developers. He is also Local Coordinator for European Students for Liberty.


Version 2

Vice President, Reims Chapter

Dinko  Franceschi is dual Croatian-American citizen and grew up between Croatia and New York. He is is enrolled in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris. He is a interested in macroeconomics and global finance, and is currently pursuing degrees in both economics and mathematics. In Think Liberal he hopes to connect with the wider community in sharing ideas and fostering dialogue around liberal values. Dinko is an avid sailor, and in his free time enjoys navigating the waters of his two homes – Croatia and New York.



 Communication Manager, Reims
Madjiguene Diop is a freshman in the Dual BA Between Columbia University and Sciences Po. Coming  all the way from Montpellier, she joined Think Liberal to be part of a group that aspires to share its  passion of economics with other Sciences Po students. She enjoys stories about entrepreneurial boldness  and innovation.


 Treasurer, Reims

 Adèle Courcier is enrolled in the Dual BA Program between the University of British Columbia and  Sciences, an international dual degree that will allow her to deepen her knowledge of social sciences and  International Relations. Adèle is very engaged in feminism and gender equality.

 Director of Digital Strategy 
Marko Puskarevic is enrolled in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University  and Sciences Po and intends to major in Economics while at Columbia. He is drawn to the  more quantitative elements of  economic thought and he is passionate about technology  and entrepreneurship. He looks forward to  utilizing technology to further expand the  audience for Think Liberal debates, events, and publications.
 Chargé de Mission, Reims
 Alex Pliskin is enrolled in the Dual BA Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po. He finds  himself very interested in liberal economic policies, centering around the pursuit of Capitalism that  helped him receive the Novice Debater Award at the United Nations International School. He has  since  interned in finance firms and taken an interest in small businesses like start-ups in order to  continue  his interest in these values.

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