We love liberty in all its forms, in every aspect, in totality and without concessions. We believe that digital technology grants to everyone a will and a way without precedent in human history. Each person can create their own start-up to change the world. We want to begin a new, from the bottom, to facilitate an alternative utopia to current social structures which loom above.

We wish to connect lofty ideas to our current reality. And vice versa. Both elements of human activity are necessary. We are aware that technology alone is not a miraculous solution which will propel the construction of an amazing and prosperous future. Only individuals who take cultural considerations into account can peacefully build a free and open society.

We believe that our generation, born to a paradigm shift of epic proportions, must raise its voice to the limit.

We can see that entrepreneurs are the new architects of our world and play a vital role in the organization of the community, without using force and opting instead for trade and empathy.

Politics, the organizing force of our time, is now available to everyone. As such, the masses will spontaneously organize the masses.

We wish to offer to all a sense of community, a network, and resources during the construction of their project, whether it is lucrative or not. That is to say a platform designed for liberty.

To those who in need of liberation,

To those seeking self-realization,

To those who resist oppression,

Join us!